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Muriel with children

The Siuna Foundation is a non profit organization with the purpose of
bringing medical care, public health education and medical supplies to
Central America. The need is profound in these poor countries still
recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Mitch.

To date we have accomplished much. We have driven five bus loads of medical
and school supplies from Boston, MA to Central America--quite the
adventures. We built a 45 bed maternity clinic in Siuna, Nicaragua, which
now is headquarters for an international community providing vaccinations
to over 300 children a month, providing prenatal and post partum care to
many women, and well baby clinics and family planning. There is now a
pharmacy, examining rooms and offices. From an idea came beautiful fruit.
The maternal and infant death rate has been cut drastically, and most of
the patients walk many days from the mountains to get to our clinic, the
only care in the area.

In April 2004 we put in a well at the clinic. Before the well was
installed, women had to walk 3 miles to the river to carry water on their
heads back to the clinic. Now the well is steps from the clinic front door.
We also built two elementary schools in Siuna for over 100 students, each of whom gets a hot meal every day, with funding provided by the United Nations' FAO program. You can see photos of these projects on the projects page.

We are now concentrating on bringing down medical teams to help us in the
clinics we built or in surrounding villages. We love the SVOSH groups and
you can see photos of one such project in El Salvador on the medical teams
page. In the future we will be working with different medical schools to
bring in teams of students from the United States. We feel that exposure to
such poverty and need will make them better doctors. Always they will
remember what they have experienced. If your school would like to
participate, please contact us.

From an idea to serve our fellow man came a dream fulfilled. There is still
so much to do, but it is wonderful to look back and see all that we have
accomplished. We have other projects in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua
and will continue. Please look through the web site for more information
and photos of our other projects. In our medical missions, we have
determined that about 70% of the patients in the general populations would
not need our medicines if they had the basics of public health education,
something we all take for granted here in the United States. Providing
health care to a population, living in relative poverty, needs to be more
than dispensing pills with no follow-through. There also needs to be an
educational element, which will be a two-way street. Together, we can learn
much from each other and create a healthy, empowered next generation.

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